Benjamin is one! Ethan is three!

31 Jan

January is our month of birthdays! Ethan turned three on the 17th and Benjamin turned one on the 29th. Denise turned 21 on the 1st. Needless to say we have been celebrating all month long!

We had the boys at the doctor yesterday and Benjamin tipped the scales at 21.7 lbs (58%) and 29.5 inches long (31%). His head is 19 inches (95%). Ethan is 31 lbs (51%) and 39 inches long (81%). They are both doing great developmentally and naturally, both have colds!

Ethan is such a good brother and friend – he loves playing, reading books and playing with the iPad. He is very active and loves to run around and recently, ice skate. His favorite game is zingo and doesn’t understand why we can’t play t-ball in the house.



Benjamin loves to walk around the house and play with his big brother. He just started a few classes at the Park District including a music class that he likes. He is very active and happy and loves to talk and smile! Doesn’t he look like his brother??

2014-01-29_1391002357 2014-01-30_1391048047 2014-01-30_1391049235

These guys are the best!

2014-01-25_1390686521 2014-01-24_1390577758


Super Hero Birthday Bash!

25 Jan

We had so much fun celebrating Ethan’s 3rd and Benjamin’s 1st birthdays in a superhero fashion today! A special thanks to all who helped us prepare for the boys big days and everyone who came out to celebrate them! My Mom made the awesome Captain America fruit tray, our friend Amanda made the superhero sugar cookies and I made the birthday cakes. Our friend Rachel did all the cut outs (with help from Denise and Tamy last night ;)). Our friend Laura made the buildings and the kids helped put the windows on. We purchased the capes from a lovely etsy shop, FatCatParties. Chelsey was great to work with and very accommodating to my last minute requests!  The boys shirts were also from a great Etsy shop, Gorno Couture. We had a great time! Thanks again to all those who came out!

collage 2 collage1 collage3 collage4

Benjamin was 10 months, now 11 months!

5 Jan

I forgot to post Benjamin 10 months update, so will do a combined update now that he is 11 months old!


Benjamin is doing great- he is pulling up on everything and pushing all this toys around while walking. He has only let go a few times- but is getting closer each day to walking! He started climbing the stairs this month, too! He loves to watch his big brother play and is starting to be able to keep up with him more! He eats anything and everything and always wears a smile on his face! We are so happy to have in our lives!!!







Christmas 2013

25 Dec

This year, we had so much fun celebrating Christmas! Ethan understood the holiday this year and loved talking about “Baby Jesus” and Santa! Santa brought the boys a crane / construction site and ballpit to share and each their own truck, too. They are so spoiled and received many fun toys from our family and friends! Here are some pictures from our day today!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!



Christmas Eve 2013

25 Dec

We enjoyed a very nice Christmas Eve at our home. We went to Christmas Eve mass at Mary, Seat of Wisdom and then had family over for an nontraditional dinner of pizzas and salads! We had a blast!


Christmas Brunch

25 Dec

Last weekend, we attended the annual Christmas Brunch at the Park Ridge Country Club! The boys were dapper as always and we enjoyed great company! Here are some photos from the event!


Ethan’s First Holiday Sing

18 Dec

Ethan’s holiday sing was this past Monday! I had to be away on business, but he had a great time showcasing his singing and dancing skills at school for Ben and his Mimi! I’ve shared some photos and videos below!












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