Squeaky football

8 Aug

According to me, my sibling is now the size of my squeaky football (according to the bump my sibling is the size of an avocado).

This past week was pretty low-key for us. Mom and Dad cooked for Kristin two nights and last night went to Wildfire in Glenview with friends Jessica and Matt. They left me at home to protect. We also had ceiling fans installed in the baby’s room, office and living room. Mom went to her prenatal mat class again yesterday and made some pregnant friends.

After our 3-mile walk this morning, Mom made breakfast and did laundry while Dad went to Home Depot. Dad’s making a shelf. Tonight, Armando the painter is coming to check out some upcoming paint jobs (including the baby’s room and office). While Mom and Dad are out celebrating Grandma Barb’s birthday I’m protecting the house and sniffing my butt!

One Response to “Squeaky football”

  1. libby August 9, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    Matt wants to know if you can post a video of eddy walking backwards?

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