Dad’s razor, sweet potato or half a twisty bone??

23 Aug

According to His boys can swim my sibling is the size of Dad’s electric razor (the bump prefers to compare my little sib to a sweet potato). According to me, the baby is the size of half my twisty bone.

Mom had her first middle of the night craving this past week. Ice cold water and an orange. Lucky for Dad, he had bought oranges earlier that day and Mom got it all by herself (after the two bathroom size plastic cups Dad brought didn’t fulfill the water need). Since Mom was up, I kept her company and went outside twice between the 1:30am and 1:45am. It was a fun game having Mom chase me down the stairs! We then read the news online until about 3 before we decided to go upstairs. Dad didn’t like all the shuffling around.

Mom’s allergies have been acting up with no relief. It’s good for me because I like to lick the air coming out of the humidifier.

Also this week Mom’s friend from Virginia, Lakesha, visited. Mom and Lakesha went to the Shedd, Grant Park, Millennium Park, the Gold Coast Art Fair and on the architectural boat cruise. They had a lot of fun and when they came home fell asleep by 9pm.

Mom and Dad also went to Lila’s christening on Sunday. I hear it was a beautiful event.

This week we will say see you later to Kristin as she goes back to finish her PT degree from Marquette (don’t worry she’ll be back in less than two weeks to babysit me) and hello to Kate who returns from a year teaching English in Japan. She’s staying with us Thursday-Monday!!

Let the countdown begin..fifteen days until we find out the sex of my sibling! And twelve days til Tina and Mark’s wedding!!! &then I sniffed my butt.


One Response to “Dad’s razor, sweet potato or half a twisty bone??”

  1. Kate August 25, 2010 at 1:13 am #

    Ahh! Eddy! I’m so honored I got a shout out from you this week! I am so giddy, and can’t WAIT to see you and your beautiful parents! Get ready for lots of petting and hugging!!! 😀 xoxo

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