Papayas and Over-inflated footballs

19 Sep

As we enter the 22nd week, the bump says my brother is about the size of a papaya. His boys can swim prefers to compare the new guy to an over inflated football (just in time for football season). The bump also says my brother has been sleeping 12-14 hours per day…we’ll get along great as I like to sleep more than that!

Friday, Mom and Dad went to Michael and Amanda’s to watch Wall Street (in anticipation for the release of Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps which Mom, Dad, Michael and Amanda are going to see at the new Roosevelt Icon theatre next weekend) in their theatre room. The room was very nice and had comfy seats. So comfy and dark that Mom fell asleep three times! Michael and Amanda made homemade (noodles, sauce, etc) lasagna and for Mom a no cheese lasagna! Mom and Dad were both happy to enjoy such yummy cooking!

Saturday, Dawn came to visit from Columbus! They went out to breakfast, checked out the new Whole Foods and Dawn made Mindy’s famous chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies while Mom fell asleep again on the couch during a second attempt to watch Wall Street. We took it easy last night, Mom grilled and even gave me some leftover chicken breast!

Today we went for a three mile walk and to the doggie beach. I had a lot of fun until some other dog started to gang up on me. Then I knew it was time to go home so I started running on the ledge!

I’m so tired now so while Mom, Dad and Dawn go to the suburbs to do some baby shopping (including looking at the Quinny strollers), have dinner with Lenny and go to Mary, Seat of Wisdom’s Young Adult Mass, I’m going to stay here, nap and sniff my butt!


One Response to “Papayas and Over-inflated footballs”

  1. Kate September 20, 2010 at 1:18 pm #

    Eddy, I am not surprised at all that your mom couldn’t stay awake during the movie…she’s always falling asleep! maybe she’s making up for when the baby comes now…

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