23 weeks

27 Sep

This week, my brother is still about the size of a papaya and / or over inflated football. When Mom and Dad had the Ultrasound last Tuesday, my brother weighed in at 1 1/2 pounds and about 11 inches. He’s been kicking up a storm this week, but Dad still can’t feel it.

We were pretty busy this past week. We had Stanley Steemer come out to clean the carpets and air ducts. They showed Mom and I all of the gross things that come out of the air ducts (we are assuming this was the first time this was done in the house’s 14 years). We’re all sleeping a little better knowing all the dust and allergens are out of the hosue. Mom and Dad have also been busy cleaning out the closets and making room for my brother. His room is now almost empty – with only a few more things to move out of the closet. I enjoy going in the room and laying in the sun.

 Friday, Mom and Dad saw Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps with Michael and Amanda, they enjoyed the movie. Saturday was a busy, busy day. First we woke up early and went to Barb and Len’s. I did circles in the backyard before retiring to the crate while they went apple picking at My Harvest Time in Twin Lakes, WI.  They picked lots o f apples and had a great time.

After apple picking, Mom and Dad went and picked out Baby Furniture at Lazar’s. My brother is going to have the same furniture as Cousin Lila!

Mom and Dad had dinner with Jessica and Matt at Wildfire – always a great time, before picking me and Caymus up and taking us back to the city for a sleepover!

Libby and Matt slept over too. Mom and Dad are going to visit Libby and Matt in Des Moines next week.

Yesterday, after a disappointing end to the Cubs home series, Mom and Dad made dinner for Nicole and Dana including homemade apple sauce using our fresh apples and new apple peeler for William Sonoma.

Overall it was a great week — and while Mom and Dad go to work, I’m off to sniff my butt and sleep after the very busy weekend!

One Response to “23 weeks”

  1. Suzanne September 27, 2010 at 10:16 am #

    Love seeing all the family! You look great, your mom looks contagiously happy, and Eddy’s looking super dignified as usual. Makes me miss you guys.

    PS. Hope you appreciated all of Fordham’s Wall Street 2 scenes. Everytime I watch a preview I get excited when I see flashes of campus I recognize! (You had to have known I was going to make this comment)

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