24 weeks

4 Oct

This week, the new guy has been a kicking machine! He loves to kick Mom all throughout the day and especially at night. Dad maybe felt him once, but I still have yet to feel him kick.

Mom’s going for a belly check and heartbeat check on Wednesday, so that is always exciting and fun!

We were all very busy this past weekend. Mom and Dad flew to Des Moines, IA to visit Aunt Libby and Uncle Matt, and I spent the weekend with Barb and Lenny in Park Ridge. Cousin Caymus and I had a great time playing. I had a hard time getting to sleep on Friday, so I hollowed most of the evening. I don’t think Barb and Len enjoyed that.

In Des Moines, Mom and Dad visited with Aunt Libby and Uncle Matt. On Saturday, everyone went for a walk and to the Farmer’s Market and to Palmer’s for breakfast. It was a beautiful day. Mom and Aunt Libby went to the mall to get pedicures, while Dad and Uncle Matt headed to the bars to watch some college football. For dinner they went to Cafe DiScala . It was great and everyone had a wonderful time. Sunday morning they went for a long walk through the sculpture park and to brunch.

When they got back home they watched more football and Aunt Libby cooked. Then it was time to say good bye and head back to Chicago to come back to see me! They stopped at Mary B and Sam’s on the way home for a yummy dinner and then we finally made the trek home! I was so happy to see them!

Thanks again to Barb and Len for babysitting me and Aunt Libby and Uncle Matt for hositng Mom and Dad for a wonderful weekend!

I’m exhausted now, so I’m going to go sniff my butt!


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