26 weeks preggers!

18 Oct

This week my brother is 26 weeks along! According to the bump, the new guy is the size of an eggplant. This week my brother will start taking some of Mom’s antibodies from her, building his immune system for when he makes his grand debut!

Last week we were pretty busy. We cleaned out and started to organize my brother’s closet and room. It’s all ready for the glider to be delivered from La Z Boy and the furniture to be delivered from Lazar’s.

Last week Mom also started cooking a lot more. While Dad was out of town on business (at the Instantwhip golf outing, he won longest drive!), Mom had Amanda over on Wednesday and made what looked like a yummy chicken dish (no one shared). Friday, Molly came over and they had pork tenderloin and a homemade apple crisp. I barked at them when no one shared (they still didn’t share the pork, but Mom gave me a piece of asparagus).

Saturday, we celebrated Libby’s birthday. They went to brunch at Victory’s Banner in Roscoe Village, and then they took me for a walk to the shops on Southport. I pulled a lot and Barb got mad at me. They went to de cero for dinner and then went to see the Blackhawks beat the Sabres. On Sunday, after a yummy brunch at the Pancake House with Caroline, Mike and Lila, Mom picked Dad up from the airport, and we came home and relaxed. Lenny also got a hole in one at the Park Ridge Country Club! It was his first hole in one!

Mom made cranberry chutney in the afternoon and it made the house smell delicious! She had been craving it for a while and couldn’t find any cranberries. Shish saved the day, bringing cranberries all the way from Rockford!

Now while Mom and Dad are at work, I’m sleeping!


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