89 days to go!

26 Oct

The new guys will be coming in about 89 days (give or take)! We are excited to meet him! For now he is about 14 1/2 inches and he is strong! Mom has been feeling his kicks more and more; including them keeping her from falling asleep and waking her up in the middle of the night. Dad is able to feel him kick more too, and we even saw parts of his body bulge out from Mom’s belly!

This week has been busy for us too. Kate and Yoshi came to stay with me and watch the house and me while Mom and Dad went to Columbus. I have always loved Kate, but Yoshi is one of my new favorites too!

I was well behaved for them, except when they did not want to share their food. I had to howl and bark and them and they still did not want to share with me! How rude! I do, however miss them already! I can’t wait until they come back to visit again!

Mom and Dad headed to Columbus to celebrate Vinny’s 60th birthday! They took him to breakfast at Rise and Shine, and dinner at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus, a Columbus institution. On Sunday, Dawn and Aunt Mindy threw my brother his first shower! It was at Brio-Easton and was a great time. The new guy is definitely already loved!

Auntie Ann remembered me too by getting me a John Deere frisby – I managed to play with it a whole day before ripping all the stuffing out. While Mom and Dad were getting the nursery organized, I heard lots of “not for eddy” but was glad I had something to play with! JoAnn and Bella also got me some treats! It was so sweet that they remembered me too!

Mom and Dad had to leave quickly after the shower to come see me! They drove through some storms so I was scared, but I am not afraid anymore!

Time for me to get in bed, so I’m signing off for now!


One Response to “89 days to go!”

  1. Kate October 26, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    Ummm Eddy, I know your doggie memory may not be incredibly sharp at times, but I think what you meant was, when Mom, Dad, KATE and YOSHI were organizing the baby’s room! Didn’t you see the book shelf??? 😉 miss you too, eddy! Yoshi is a little shy about his newfound fame, but mostly loving it! he’s an american celebrity now, thanks! xoxo

    ps I’m SQUEEZING you I’m SQUEEZING you!

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