9 weeks left!

21 Nov

The countdown continues, with 9 (give or take) weeks left until we get to meet my little brother! This week, the new guy measures over 16 inches long. He weighs about 3.3 pounds (like carrying four navel oranges) and is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. He’s moving a lot, too, keeping Mom up during the night!

Last Monday Mom went to the doctor’s office for a belly check. The little guy was measuring two weeks ahead and he had a strong heartbeat at 160 bpm. The doctor said he was definitely awake!

On Thursday, Mom headed to Marco to get some R&R before my brother arrives. This included lots of walking on the beach, swimming and lounging at the pool and relaxing. Dad and I stayed back to accept delivery of my brother’s furniture. The nursery looks great! See some pictures below. Dad hung up the curtains and now we are just awaiting the arrival of our little guy!

Now, I’m waiting for Mom to come home, wagging my tail in anticipation!


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