Waiting Patiently for my Brother

10 Jan

Don’t forget to vote on my brother’s size and when he will arrive from yesterday’s post!!!

This past week, we played the waiting game with my brother.
Mom and Dad went to the doctor last Wednesday, and Mom was 2cm
dilated. Mom’s blood pressure also measured 140/90 in the office
and there were trace amounts of protein in her urine. The doctor
sent Mom and Dad to triage to further get checked out. After taking
some more samples and monitoring both Mom and My brother the nurses
sent Mom home and said everything looked great! According to
American Pregnancy, my brother is continuing to grow and working on
the layer of fat underneath his skin. This is an important part of
his ability to regulate his body temperature once he is born. He is
also beginning to form new skin cells which will replace older skin
cells. Mom started maternity leave on Thursday so we’ve been able
to hang out all day! Mom has been knitting And trying to keep
herself occupied as much as possible. Friday she left me to go hang
out with Caymus and Barb; I was pretty sad! Saturday Mom and Dad
had breakfast with Barb and Len and hung out in the burbs before
heading to Costco. Amanda and Michael and Kristin and Billy came
over for dinner and Amanda made a great pork tenderloin! It was
delicious. Sunday Mom and Dad met Mary B, Sam, Barb, Len, Caroline,
Mike, Lila, Mary HT, Jeff and Hope for a yummy breakfast at Ina’s!
Despite the Ginger pancakes, no baby yet! Mom and Dad had Kristin
over for steak on the grill last night. As Mom and I gear up for
another week of maternity leave sans baby, I’m about to go down for
my morning nap and sniff my butt! Until next time!!

Don’t forget to vote on my brother’s size and when he will arrive from yesterday’s post!!!


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