The Week Before you were Born

16 Jan

Baby Brother,

The week before you born you would think Mom and Dad would be resting and getting ready for your arrival. Not our parents! Mom and Dad decided this week that they’d like to move
to Park Ridge, to be closer to Mom’s parents and family, and also
to give me a yard to play in! So, to get things started they made
offers on not one but three houses. They didn’t get anything yet
though. They will find the perfect place to raise you and me!

also has made countless trips to Park Ridge to remove some of the
clutter from our house. Yesterday, he rented a UHaul and with the
help of Uncle Ryan and Muncle Matt, he moved one of our couches and
a lot of our other stuff to Barb and Len’s in Park Ridge. It is
very helpful that they had storage space for us to use!

Mom and Dad
went to the doctor on Tuesday. Mom’s blood pressure looked great
and she was 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. Mom’s doctor came in with
a big smile on her face. She said “If it is okay with you, we’d
like to induce you this Sunday night at 11:30pm instead of
Thursday”! Mom and Dad couldn’t wait to come home and tell me the
good news! I can’t believe I will have a brother on Monday! You
looked great on the non-stress test, if not a little too
comfortable. The doctors gave Mom a cookie to get you to move
around a bit more and you complied. Mom and Dad went back to the
doctor on Thursday to make sure Mom’s blood pressure and blood
worked still looked good. Everything checked out so they did
another non-stress test and home they went!

Mom and Dad also had a
date night at Mia Francesca’s.They left me at home to patrol the
house. On Friday, Mom got her nails done with Barb and I hung out
at Barb and Len’s house with Cousin Caymus. Caymus thought it was
fun to chase me around the backyard. He had a hard time keeping up
with me! After dinner at Aunt Caroline, Uncle Mike and Cousin
Lila’s house we went home. Saturday, Dawn, Vinny, Aunt Mindy and
Cousin Sophie came in from Columbus. They headed to P.F. Chang’s
for dinner, which is one of Mom’s favorites. Mom had four blackened
chiles- they didn’t induce labor but you gave mom some pretty
intense contractions and heartburn! On Sunday, after breakfast at Frances, we
hung out at home and rested. Then it was time to watch the Bears
game. After watching the Bears beat the Seahawks, Mom and Dad
headed to Quartino’s for dinner with Barb and Len, Aunt Libby and
Aunt Tina, Dawn and Aunt Mindy.

Now, Mom is off to be induced and you will be here soon! I
can’t wait to meet you, but now I’m going to go sniff my butt!

Love, eddy



One Response to “The Week Before you were Born”

  1. JoAnne January 16, 2011 at 11:34 pm #

    Dear Little Lewis, I was really hoping we could share a
    birthday, but January 17th is ok…I can’t believe you’re going to
    be here today!!! Bella and I will come to see you as soon as we
    can. We’ll make sure Mom, Dad and Eddie are all settled in first 🙂
    We already love you bunches! Good luck and welcome to the world!
    Love, JoAnne and Bella

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