Busy Busy Baby

5 Feb

We have been very busy since the arrival of my brother, Ethan. We have been posting a daily picture of Ethan over at http://babylewis.wordpress.com so make sure you sign up over there to receive the daily picture in your inbox! But where were we…

Well, last time I had a substantial post was before Ethan was born. So… how was Ethan born? Well Mom had a pretty quick labor, and progressed faster than the doctors and nurses thought was possible. After arriving at the hospital at 11:30pm on Sunday, the 16th, Mom and Dad checked into Labor and Delivery. The room was huge. (From this point forward in the background was Pandora — with Jack Johnson as the station [[side, side note: the L&D nurse has lived in Hawaii and when she did, her charge nurse lived next to Jack Johnson]]) By the time they got Mom in a room it was after midnight. Then they started doing vitals and trying to get an IV in…well Mom’s veins aren’t the best, so it took about an hour and three nurses to finally place the IV. Around 1:30AM they were ready to induce Mom. They broke her water, started the Pitocin, and told her it would be a long time until Ethan arrived (she was 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced) and she and Dad should take a nap. Mom started having contractions every two minutes pretty quickly and they were very painful so around 2 AM she requested the epidural. Around 2:30, the anesthesiologist came to administer the epidural. Everything was finally in place around 3AM. Then Mom and Dad both napped until about 5AM when Mom had the urge to push. Her nurse said probably not yet, but she’d have the resident come check. Much to everyone’s surprise Mom was 9 1/2 cm dilated, 100% effaced and in station +1. Dad immediately called our families (who came right away), and the Nurse immediately paged the Doctor on call. The Doctor had delivered another baby and was on her way home. She turned around to come back to the hospital. She got there pretty quickly, but was not Mom’s actual doctor, just another Doctor in the practice and called Mom’s doctor who wanted to deliver Ethan. She said she was on her way. Finally at 7AM, Mom’s doctor came and Mom started to push. 30 minutes of pushing later and Ethan Leonard Lewis was born!

Dad was very excited to introduce Ethan to our Families via his iPad

Dad was very excited to introduce Ethan to our Families via his iPad


Hard to believe that was just a couple of short weeks ago! And now to Sniff my butt!

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