Two Months Old!

21 Mar

Wow! Ethan is already two months old! At his two month checkup at 7 weeks, Ethan weighed in at 9lbs, 4 oz (15 percentile), 21 1/2 inches long (20 percentile) and his head was 15.26 inches (39 percentile). He got some shots (which were more painful for Mom then they were for him, I can guess) and was given a clean bill of health! He is a growing, growing boy! Dad got on the scale with him this morning and he weighed in at 10 pounds, so we shall see at his doctor’s appointment in April!

Ethan has been a smiley little boy lately, so that is exciting. He had a busy month, with plenty of firsts! His first smile (at least that was captured on camera was on February 24th…and there have been plenty more since then) was our favorite!

Ethan also crossed state lines for the first time this past month, first heading to Columbus by car for five days to visit the Lewis Family, and then flying to Florida for a month with Mom. Ethan has been a great traveler! He loved the vibration of both the car and airplane, so it has made easy trips so far for everyone.

First Plane Trip to Marco Island, FL

First Road Trip to Columbus



Ethan was baptized this month as well. Our Holy Baby’s god parents are Libby and Mike. Lots of people came out to celebrate his special day!

Ethan also got ashes for the first time on Ash Wednesday — he has been such a hit at church — people come up to him and give him kisses. He is a very good baby, especially in church. One man commented that he would like to see him cry!

Ethan has also started rolling over this month. He won’t roll over on command (like I will) but he sometimes rolls over! Mom and Dad have to be extra careful now as he’s so mobile! He’s growing up so fast!

As for me, I’m hanging out in Columbus with Dawn and Vinny until Mom, Dad and Ethan get settled into our new home (we close in April!). Vinny takes me to work every day and I work real hard!

I’ll leave you with some photos of Ethan…and I will go sniff my butt! Until next time…


[Don’t forget to check out my other blog for Ethan’s daily photo!]


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