Three Months Old!

19 Apr

Special Thanks to Edith Drew Photography!& still a very happy guy!

Ethan’s month long visit to beautiful Marco Island, FL had to come to an end and he was just an angel on the plane ride home! He is getting used to being in dreary Chicago again and is looking forward to the “real” spring and his first Chicago Cubs game.

Ethan went in for a weight check on the 8th (so a little shy of his three month birthday) and he weighed exactly 11 pounds. He is consistently in the 10 percentile.

Ethan has been an active little guy. He as been rolling over occasionally and really likes to lay on his belly. Mom and Dad watch him like a hawk each time he rolls over and puts himself to sleep! He loves spending time in his rainforest too (he tries to grab at the toys and has figured out that if he hits the toys they make noise!)! Just this week we’ve moved into a new house, and he has been helping get settled. He is excited for me to come home once the fence gets built!

Ethan has been a busy guy this month — holding his head up strong, hanging out in his Bumbo Chair, kicking (kicking and kicking!). He loves to stand with Mom and Dad’s help! He loves to laugh at Pop Pop and he is very talkative — cooing and making all sorts of noises! He is grabbing at different items and loves holding on to his blankies! Until next time, I’m off to sniff my butt!


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