11 Months Old!

21 Dec

Ethan is getting so big…we can’t believe he is already 11 months old!

I find myself all too often looking at the pictures of Ethan when he is so brand new. We are so lucky to have been blessed with such a happy and healthy babe! We had him at the pediatrician this week for a nasty cold (he was miserable at home, but all smiles for the doc) and he tipped the scales at 22 lbs (55 percentile) and 30 1/2 inches (90 percentile) — pretty close to percentiles he was born at (45 percentile and 96 percentile, respectively). He is growing and developing so well!

Ethan is having a lot of fun each and every day. He has taken a few independent steps, but for the most part, prefers to push toys around, and crawl. Its so amazing to see him get a little more independent each day and test his boundaries…he is still quite the daredevil! One of his favorite tasks is climbing up the stairs when someone leaves the gate open. He is still quite the talker and a lover…for those who’ve gotten a kiss from this guy…you know what I mean (do you need a towel?)! Ethan also loves to dance and make noise with his toys. Peek a boo is another one of his favorites! We are having so much fun exploring this crazy world with our little man! We can’t wait to celebrate Ethan’s first Christmas later this month…and to celebrate Ethan’s first birthday in less than one month!

This month, Ethan got to meet Santa for the first time! He did great and loved the new book that Santa gave him! Read more about that here. He also welcomed his new cousin into the world, Marco Patrick. Ethan is excited to have another boy around to play with (though Cousin Lila is a good wrestler and can rough house with the best of them!).

With Ethan’s first Christmas, came Ethan’s first secret santa – Ethan and his buddies Chloe, Will, and Tadgh exchanged gifts earlier this month. E got an awesome piggy bank from his girlfriend Chloe! He loves dropping the coins in and hearing the music!

Ethan cannot wait to see what’s in store for him in his stocking on Sunday! Merry Christmas!



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