17 Jan

One couple, with one love,
Brought into one crazy world,
One perfect child, one year ago.
With one beautiful, curious face,
One ever beating heart,
And one overwhelmingly sweet kiss,
He stole our hearts,
In one second.
With one toothless smile,
One set of sparkling green-ish, brown-ish, and blue-ish eyes,
And one contagious giggle,
One can never get enough (can we wake him up now?).
With one, independent hand
And the other one in ours,
He slowly learns about our big world,
One curiosity at a time.
Witnessing every development,
One after another, makes for one blessed family.
He is one beautiful child.

Our light, our love and our life turned ONE today and it has been ONE glorious day!

(as adapted from Sarah at Coffee and Cabernet)


One Response to “One”

  1. Sarah February 1, 2012 at 3:44 pm #

    Oh my goodness! I don’t know how I am JUST reading this post, but it brought tears to my eyes! I went back and read my original post and it was so lovely to reminisce that day…
    Thank you for this sweet, sweet adaptation and for a wonderful reminder!

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