Fun-packed Weekend!

15 Jul

This weekend we had a lot of fun exploring the city and hitting the pool. On Saturday, Ben went for a Wisconsin day trip to golf. Ethan and I headed into the city for breakfast and then checked out the zoo!




Ethan didn’t want to ride in the stroller nor did he want to hold hands so it was a bit of a struggle! He did love climbing the obstacle course in the Kids Zoo! My favorite animals (and I can only imagine Ethan agrees) were the jaguar (who was pacing!), the polar bear, the brown baby bear, and the rhino.

After the zoo and a nap, we went to the library and the Taste of Park Ridge. We met Mimi and Pop Pop for mass and then celebrated Bastille Day at Cafe Touché!

Today, we went to breakfast and Target . Ethan is obsessed with the big red bus outside! Then we went to the pool with Mimi and Pop Pop Pop, Aunties Caroline and Tina, Uncle Mike and Lila and Marco! We had a fun time but missed Auntie Libby and Uncles Matt and Mark!





Ethan got his first two teeth (at nearly 18 months) this past week so please excuse him constantly biting his hands!

We hope you guys had a fun weekend!


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