Pinterest inspired weekend

14 Oct

This weekend, Ben went to the UP with his dad and Ethan and I hosted Kate and Yoshi for a Chicago visit. Kate and Yoshi babysat E while I celebrated my parents 33rd anniversary on Friday night and had E soccer on Saturday morning. The rain stuck around all weekend, so we spent most of the weekend in the kitchen trying our hand at some Pinterest recipes. Ethan loved playing with Yoshi, while Kate and I baked!

On Saturday we made the chocolate peanut butter rice Krispy roll up. Yum!

For dinner, I made my go to meal. Pork tenderloin with rib rub, applesauce, corn with pancetta and homemade pretzel rolls. Yum!

On Sunday we made Dutch baby pancakes, chocolate chip pumpkin muffins and apple pumpkin muffins!

Everything was delicious! Kate and Yoshi have left, Ethan is napping and I’m resting. When E wakes up we are heading to the Dailey method lake forest for a family class!






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