Ethan’s December in Review

4 Jan

We had a great month of December, preparing for Santa’s arrival and also Ethan’s brother’s late January arrival! It was a big month of firsts for Ethan. First, he was potty trained by the staff at his school! They did a great job getting him trained in less than a week! We are thrilled with his success!! Next, he graduated from the toddler room to young preschool. He was sad to leave his friends in the toddler room, but was excited for new friends and being reunited with some of his older friends who were previously in the toddler room. He is doing great there and seems to be learning more and more every day. He has started to talk more in “sentences”/complete thoughts when he feels like it, which is very cute (i.e. more more monkey mommy). After Christmas, we moved him into his big boy bed! It is a full size bed, so he looks very small in it, but he is doing well in it and does not seem to miss his crib! We enjoyed spending lots of time with family and friends in December, and look forward to more get togethers and Ethan’s 2nd birthday later this month!





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