Ethan is Four!

19 Jan

We can’t believe our first born is four years old! He loves to role play with his toys, swimming, gymnastics, magna-tiles and things that go! He can’t wait for the ice and snow to melt to get back on his scooter! He loves school and talks about his teacher, Mrs. A, constantly. He is shy in new situations, but once he warms up – he’s the happiest boy! He loves his buddies and his brother. We celebrated Ethan’s day by taking the Metra train to the Choo Choo Restaurant with the Goodwin’s, Schaab’s, Anderson’s, Libby and Mimi & Pop Pop  – the tradition lives on to visit the Choo Choo on his birthday!! We spent the rest of the day playing with his new toys! The next day we went to the Blackhawks game! It was so much fun, even though the Blackhawks did not win! Denise came in from Germany to celebrate the boys – what a great surprise it was us !!!!

IMG_0829 IMG_0833 IMG_0838 IMG_0861 IMG_0862 IMG_0869 IMG_0894 IMG_0911


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