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Happy Second Birthday, Ethan!

17 Jan

Ethan had a great second birthday! He started the day visiting Aunt Libby for some gifts. Then we went to the doctor. Ethan weighs 27 pounds (38 percentile) and is 33 3/4 inches tall (42 percentile). He enjoyed a no shot appointment! We then met Aunt K to say hi!

Then we took E to school where he brought in clementine oranges to share for a snack. They enjoyed peeling them and eating them. They brought him balloons, made him a banner, and even made cupcakes for him! He really had a lot of fun!

We went for the mini party after his nap. We then came home and had a little pizza and cupcake party for Ethan. He had so much fun with Cousins Lila and Marco, Mimi and Pop Pop, Aunties Tina and Caroline and Uncle Mike!

He had such an amazing day! We are excited to continue the celebration this weekend!!


Ethan Visits the Shedd Aquarium!

4 Feb

Today, Ethan, Ben and I visited the Shedd Aquarium! We started the day at Frances’ Deli and then headed to the Shedd. We had a great day. Ethan loved looking at the sharks, jellyfish and penguins. He was a little afraid of the beluga whales!

I’ve included a collage below! We have had such a fun Saturday!

Ethan visits the Kohl’s Children’s Museum!

3 Feb

Today, Ethan and I visited the Kohl’s Children’s Museum in Glenview! Ethan LOVED it. His favorite part was the water room. It was so fun to see him interact with the other children. We can’t wait to go back!! Enjoy some photos below!

Ethan, the hoarder

29 Jan

Ben is an awesome husband to me and father to Ethan.
For our peace of mind, he installed tot loks.
Ethan loves the kitchen Mimi and Pop Pop got him for his birthday.
Ethan loves the tot lok magnetic keys.


This weekend, Ben surprised his family in Columbus for a visit! After a weekend home with just Ethan and I, I realized I couldn’t open any of the cabinets, as all the tot lok keys were m.i.a. Enter Ethan the hoarder! After some looking, I found the three keys in Ethan’s kitchen!


he stored the keys in part of his stacking toy!



Back to the top of the fridge the keys go!

Hungry for some birthday fun?

22 Jan

For E’s first birthday party, we did a very hungry caterpillar party! One of my talented sister’s, Caroline, designed the invitations and we took it from there….

It was a great party! We had a wonderful turnout, despite illness and weather/travel woes sweeping across the Midwest. Ethan really enoyed himself, though snuffed the cake for the third time! Thanks to many ideas from pinterest, the decor was a big hit! We are so happy with how everything turned out and had a great time! We served most of the foods from the book: one apple, two pears, three plums, four strawebrries, five oranges, swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one cupcake, and one slice chocolate {chip cookie} cake (made by Libby), a green leafy salad (made by Mimi B), along with some added additions: stuffed shells (made by Caroline),cheese sticks from House of Cakes, and Pizza bread from House of Cakes. No one went home hungry!

What a great time! Thank you for all who came out to celebrate our little guy’s big first birthday!


17 Jan

One couple, with one love,
Brought into one crazy world,
One perfect child, one year ago.
With one beautiful, curious face,
One ever beating heart,
And one overwhelmingly sweet kiss,
He stole our hearts,
In one second.
With one toothless smile,
One set of sparkling green-ish, brown-ish, and blue-ish eyes,
And one contagious giggle,
One can never get enough (can we wake him up now?).
With one, independent hand
And the other one in ours,
He slowly learns about our big world,
One curiosity at a time.
Witnessing every development,
One after another, makes for one blessed family.
He is one beautiful child.

Our light, our love and our life turned ONE today and it has been ONE glorious day!

(as adapted from Sarah at Coffee and Cabernet)

Bye bye bottle

15 Jan

Ethan said bye bye to his bottles on Friday! He has been taking the breastmilk from a sippy exclusively since Friday morning so we packed up his bottles yesterday! Such a growing big boy! Can’t believe he will be one in two short days!